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Romeo and Juliet Book Cover

Romeo & Juliet

What's Included?

17 Episode Summary and Analysis Series Covering the Full Play

10 Episode Teacher Series Covering Teaching Opportunities, Common Pitfalls, and Unit Structure

Engaging Classroom Content, Student Centered Activities and Teaching Materials

Analysis of Famous Quotes

Over 180 Minutes of Video Content

124-Page Fully Editable Teaching Unit

Everyone Loves a Sample

Summary and Analysis

17 Episodes

Recap and analysis of  Romeo & Juliet. We move scene by scene, breaking down the language, highlighting key phrases and important plot points. It's events, characters, context and marginal humor. Great for teachers and students!

R&J Summary and Analysis Free
Act I Prologue- Romeo & Juliet
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Act 1 Scene 1 | Romeo & Juliet | Summary and Analysis | One Day Ahead
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Act 1 Scene 2 | Romeo & Juliet | Summary and Analysis | One Day Ahead
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Educator Advice

10 Episodes

Teaching Shakespeare doesn't have to be intimidating! In this 10 episode  series we walk through this play from a teachers perspective. We look at the big picture, and specific passages as I help you navigate the pitfalls, maximize the opportunities and give you the knowledge and confidence to transform your classroom.

Teaching R&J Free
Big Picture Advice- Teaching Romeo and Juliet
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Unit Overview | Romeo & Juliet | Teaching Advice | One Day Ahead
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Pre-Reading- Teaching Romeo and Juliet
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The Prologue- Teaching Romeo and Juliet
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Comprehensive Teaching Unit

124 Pages

Fully editable teaching unit featuring  student centered, standards backed, class room ready activities. Files come as PDF's and Word documents.