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  • Where can I find the videos?
    Step 1: Buy a plan from the Plans & Pricing page. It can be the $9.99/month All Access plan, or a one-time-charge" Book Specific Plan. Step 2: Go to Purchased Series at the top of the page (desktop) or in the sandwich menu (mobile). Step 3: Select the course you purchased and enjoy.
  • How do I access the teaching unit / lesson plans?
    Confirm you are logged in, then head to Purchased Files at the top of the page (desktop) or within the sandwich menu (mobile).
  • How do I download the videos?
    If you have a book specific plan, you can! Go to Purchased Files and you will find instructions for downloading the materials. If you have the "Complete Access" plan, you can stream all series from the Purchased Series tab, but you cannot download the videos.
  • Do you have a monthly subscription option?
    Sure do! And it's cheaper than buying any individual course outright. The "Complete Access" plan gives all files and access to all series for $9.99 a month. If you are only teaching things one time-- and don't need access in the future-- this is the plan for you.
  • Where can I put in a discount code?
    Select a plan, then scroll to the bottom. It's past the credit card information.
  • I downloaded the files, but they wont open!
    You are so close! The .zip file is like a suitcase for the internet. You pack files in for transport, and they must be "unpacked" before you can access them. When you download the unit from Purchased Files they come as a .ZIP file. If you are on a PC, right click the file and select "extract," then choose a location on your computer to unpack the files. You can access them from this new location. Go ahead and throw away the zip file. If you still need help drop and email to and our team will be happy to assist.
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